Speak up in the newspaper

Quick Tips:

1. Know your media.

Each outlet has its own personality; one newspaper might print only very brief letters, while another might run longer ones. Find out what the best option is, and then tailor your letter to fit.

2. Link your message to a current news story

Most newspapers prefer to run letters that deal with recent, specific news events. Connecting your letter to a story or editorial the newspaper has recently carried can dramatically increase the chances they'll print it.

3. Be polite and reasonable...

Even if you're feeling very frustrated with a newspaper's coverage, it's better to make your point using a calm,
rational tone. That's partly because it improves your chances of being printed, and also because it will come across more persuasively to other readers.

4. ...But have a strong, clear point of view

Be very clear about the point you're making, and state it early on -- in the first paragraph, if possible.

5. Be brief

Make your point using as few words as possible. It makes your letter more appealing to an editor, and has a bigger impact on readers and listeners.

6. Use specifics

Back up your point with a powerful fact or two (you can find a lot of useful information on this web site), or an incident from your personal experience.

7. Keep at it

Many media outlets receive far more submissions than they can use. Don't be discouraged if your first few don't make it into print. Keep trying, and soon you'll be making your voice heard, too.


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