Our Plan’s Guiding Principles

Our plan for moving British Columbia forward delivers the help people need to get through the pandemic and put our province on the path to a full recovery – while also continuing the work we started three years ago to fix 16 years of BC Liberal neglect and build a province that works for everyone. We are proud to have built this plan around four key principles that will help create the kind of province we want today and for our kids tomorrow.

A more affordable province for everyone

Three years ago, we committed to creating a more affordable future for you and your family. That meant restoring public services that were cut by the BC Liberals, expanding those services to more communities and people, and doing all we could to make life better for you. That commitment remains firm – and all the more important as we work together to get through the COVID-19 pandemic. While the BC Liberals’ plan is aimed at helping multimillionaires and making you pay the price, John Horgan and the NDP will continue working to make life more affordable for everyone.

Lasting and meaningful reconciliation with Indigenous people and communities

Reconciliation is a process, a shared responsibility for all of us. It will take time and commitment to work with Indigenous peoples as they move towards self-determination. The John Horgan government is creating opportunities for Indigenous peoples and communities to be full partners in the economy by providing a clear and sustainable path for everyone to work together. The BC NDP understands the meaningful work towards reconciliation we do now will create a lasting legacy for generations to come.

A better future through fighting climate change

John Horgan and the NDP are proud of bringing the CleanBC climate change strategy to our province. This strategy embraces all that makes British Columbia special – the nature, the people, the spirit of community – and demands we do more to protect it from the dangers posed by climate change. CleanBC is about putting British Columbia on the path to a cleaner, better future – one that makes the most of the potential of a low-carbon economy to create new, clean-energy jobs and opportunities for all while protecting our clean air, land and water.

Putting workers and small businesses at the front of our economic recovery

British Columbia’s recovery is going to come from helping the workers and small businesses that lay at the heart of our province’s economy. While the BC Liberals will argue that tax cuts aimed at helping those at the top will trigger a magical recovery, John Horgan and the BC NDP know that coming out of this pandemic stronger than before will require creativity, conversation and consensus. That’s why our government launched Building B.C.’s Recovery, Together survey and discussion in June. From there, we put the best ideas into action to provide immediate help – and we know there’s much more left to do as we move towards full recovery.