HST Calculator: How Much Will It Cost You?

HST Calculator

If the HST comes into force on July 1, 2010, it will increase the cost of dozens essentials for everyone living and doing business in British Columbia.

Use the BC NDP calculator to figure out how much more the HST might cost you and your family if the BC Liberals have their way.

Enter your weekly, monthly or yearly cost for each of the items below.

Restaurant meals/takeout:
Tax preparation services:
Home repairs and maintenance:
Movie, theatre and sports tickets:
Coffee (Tims, Starbucks, etc.): $
Taxi fares: $
Home renovations: $
Newspapers/magazines: $
Gym/yoga/pilates membership: $
Haircuts (yours & your familys): $
Home telephone and cable:
Drycleaning: $
Cycling: $
Other: $