Simply put, your pro rep choice is between hope and fear.

In last night’s debate, John Horgan focused on how pro rep can make government work better for people.

BC Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson spent his time fear mongering and spreading misinformation. People clearly saw the contrast.

“I think, simply put, it’s between hope and fear” said Global BC’s Richard Zussman.

Political commentator Hamish Telford agreed. “When Wilkinson is insinuating this was all a Machiavellian plot, well John Horgan didn’t look very Machiavellian.”

They weren't the only ones who weren't impressed.

When it came to pro rep, most people understand that voting with proportional representation means what it says: 40% of the vote equals 40% of the seats.

People were glad to see John acknowledge privilege — and the diversity pro rep would bring to the legislature.

Most people watching were excited — and inspired.

But the biggest moment of the night happened when John dropped some millennial wisdom.

People were into it.

So what happens now? We vote — and make sure all our friends do, too.