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While we do our part to keep BC’s COVID-19 curve flat, we’re also working hard to keep our campaigning skills sharp. That’s why, this June, we’re offering a three-week series of FREE online Zoom classes to help you take your campaign skills to the next level.

Have a flair for fundraising? Want to become a digital dynamo? Check out our full course listing below. It’s time to Level Up!

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“One of the things I love about New Democrats: we’re always levelling up. These sessions are a must-attend.”

Premier John Horgan

What you’ll learn

Level Up includes courses that will equip you with the skills you need to help elect New Democrats. Each course is hosted by an expert and includes weekly sessions. Each session is one hour long. You’ll learn things like:

  • Using tools, targeting, and outreach to build a winning voter contact program
  • Building a powerhouse fundraising plan that’ll help you raise money for your constituency
  • Building Facebook ads and digital campaign plans, and upping your social media game
  • Using SQL for fun — and profit!
  • How to be an incredible volunteer, and how to recruit them
  • "These classes are relevant for anyone interested in running progressive political campaigns, and winning them. I use what I learned from the BC NDP team on every single campaign."

    Catherine Jenkins, BC NDP False Creek Constituency Association President
  • "BC NDP activists are some of the keenest, most enthusiastic students a facilitator can ask for. You'll learn as much from your course as you will from your classmates."

    Rebecca McNeil, Digital Strategist and BC NDP volunteer educator
  • "I've learned so much from taking workshops at Forward and Convention and built strong connections with other activists in the BC NDP movement. This year I'm ready to Level Up with all of you!"

    Olivia Dixon, BC NDP Young New Democrat
  • "The Data Team are excellent teachers — knowledgeable and patient. The fact that I can actually use SQL now is a testament to that! 5 stars, would recommend."

    Mike Vasilev, BC NDP Volunteer


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Voter Contact School

Learn the fundamentals of how to build and run a voter contact program.

Course includes information on tools, targeting, outreach beyond voter ID, best practices for recruiting a team of volunteers and how to protect data.

Audience: Voter contact organizers; experienced canvassers (volunteer or poll cats) looking to expand their skill sets and take on lead roles; constituency and EPC canvass and outreach organizers; volunteer coordinators; campaign managers; anyone interested in the hows and whys of talking to voters.

Individual sessions in this course
June 10, 5:30pm
Intro to Targeting Facilitated by Ainsleigh Hill and the BC NDP Field Team
Learn about how to target your canvasses and outreach: which voters to contact for different campaign activities and how best to contact them, and how how to meet your campaign's unique voter contact needs and use volunteer time most efficiently.
June 11, 5:30pm
NEW TOOLS ORIENTATION Facilitated by Karl Riley
Great campaigners need great tools. In this session, you'll learn about two new tools developed by NDP campaigners and staff that will support volunteer management and help you build targeted canvass lists.
June 13, 1pm
Learn about campaigns' rights and responsibilities for collecting information from voters and best practices for protecting valuable canvass data.
June 14, 12pm
For some campaigns, simply identifying supporters through traditional voter ID isn't enough to win. Persuasion canvassing and relational voter contact can help make up the gap. Learn how to integrate these programs into your outreach strategy.
June 15, 7pm
VOLUNTEER RECRUITMENT AND ENGAGEMENT Facilitated by Raji Toor and Melissa Farrance
Every successful voter contact program relies on a team of well-trained volunteers. Join this session to learn and share best practices on how to recruit volunteers, keep them engaged, and build the team your campaign needs.

Fundraising to Win

How to fundraise for the BC NDP, even when we're socially distancing.

This course covers an overview of fundraising channels, as well as an in-depth look at two important physically distanced fundraising tactics and electoral finance rules for BC NDP donations. Participants will learn how to successfully create and undertake a fundraising plan.

Audience: Campaign managers; constituency presidents; fundraising coordinators for EPCs, campaigns, and constituencies; returning candidates and MLAs; constituency treasurers; campaign financial agents; anyone involved in campaign or constituency spending decisions.

Individual sessions in this course
June 18, 5:30pm
BUILDING YOUR CROSS-CHANNEL FUNDRAISING PLAN Facilitated by Dan Coulter and Caitlin Hickenbotham
An overview of fundraising tactics and channels, and how to incorporate them into a comprehensive plan that will meet your campaign or constituency budget needs.
June 20, 1pm
An in-depth session on best practices for writing fundraising emails that will grab donors' attention, including examples from campaigns in BC and beyond.
June 23, 5:30pm
DIALING FOR DOLLARS Facilitated by Dan Coulter and Catherine Randall
Social distancing means phone calls are enjoying a renaissance - and that includes fundraising phone calls. In this session, we'll learn what makes a compelling fundraising ask over the phone and get comfortable making that call.
June 22, 5:30pm
TREASURER/FINANCIAL AGENT TRAINING Facilitated by Rowyn DeVito and Sari Becker
A lot has changed for Treasurers and Financial Agents since the last provincial campaign. This session will review Bill 3 electoral financing rules and how to track and submit donations and expenses.

Digital Campaigning

Learn to use social media and digital communications platforms to help your campaign win.

This course covers social media and digital communications platforms and their best uses to support and integrate with a campaign plan, including volunteer recruitment, fundraising, voter contact, and GOTV work. Participants will also learn how to use a message guide, and how to build a Facebook ad.

Audience: Constituency and campaign communications leads; campaign managers; fundraisers; voter contact organizers; volunteers; candidates and MLAs; and anyone with a social media account who is interested in promoting the BC NDP.

Individual sessions in this course
June 13, 2:30pm
SOCIAL MEDIA FOR CONSTITUENCIES AND CAMPAIGNS Facilitated by Heather Stoutenburg, Shahad Rashid and Terra Giliespie
In the era of physical distancing, social media and online communications are more important than ever. Join this session to learn the fundamentals of platforms, audiences, and best practices for constituencies and campaigns.
June 14, 3pm
BUILDING A DIGITAL CAMPAIGN PLAN Facilitated by Heather Stoutenburg
Digital, used effectively, can help your campaign meet its goals. In this session, participants will learn how digital tools and content can fit into the arc of your local campaign plan and support your goals.
June 17, 5:30pm
MESSAGE GUIDE 101 Facilitated by Heather Stoutenburg, Heather Libby and Robin Steudel
What is a message guide and how do you use it on a local campaign? Plus, an overview of the BC NDP spring 2020 message guide.
June 20, 11:30am
FACEBOOK ADVERTISING Facilitated by Tyler Michaels and Rebecca McNeil
In a socially-distant election, Facebook advertising will be one of the best ways we can signal boost, extend our reach, and surround people with our core message and ideas they ought to be hearing about. Learn how to do it effectively.

Campaign Planning

An intensive look into planning a winning BC NDP campaign.

In this course all participants will learn about the key roles and pre-election work of a local Election Planning Committee and how local campaigns support each other and coordinate within a regional model. The second half of the course is split into two streams: battlegrounds and incumbents, and hero non-incumbents.

Battlegrounds and incumbents will also learn about building a campaign budget and how to spend funds to get the greatest lift, and are encouraged to also take the Voter Contact School session on Intro to Targeting.

Hero non-incumbents will also learn about campaign fundamentals, including visibility and message, and are encouraged to also take the Fundraising to Win session on Building a Cross-Channel Fundraising Plan.

Not sure which stream your campaign will fit into? Sign up for the course's full offering.

Audience 1: EPC members; constituency presidents; pre-election organizers; campaign managers; and anyone involved in campaign planning for an incumbent or battleground constituency.

Audience 2: EPC members; constituency presidents; pre-election organizers; campaign managers; and anyone involved in campaign planning for a hero non-incumbent constituency.

Individual sessions in this course
June 9, 7pm
Set your local campaign up for success with a well-run Election Planning Committee. Learn about key roles and the pre-election tasks it takes to prepare for a local campaign.
June 10, 7pm
REGIONAL CAMPAIGNS Facilitated by Jordan Reid and Brynn Bourke
Regional campaigns were a vital part of our 2017 campaign’s success. Join this session to hear from experienced campaigners about strategies and best practices for regional coordination, including amplifying the campaign message, coordinating volunteers, and more.
June 13, 11:30am
Campaign budgets for battlegrounds and incumbents - Jordan
With new, lower election spending ceilings, creating a campaign budget is more important than ever. The spending decisions local campaigns make can be the difference between winning and losing.
June 14, 1:30pm
Learn how to set goals and plan key activities for hero campaigns. This session will cover visibility, fundraising, message, and more.

New Candidate School

Ever thought of running in a provincial election?

This course covers the basics of what to expect as a nominated candidate; the BC NDP nomination process; and a dedicated session on fundraising as a candidate.

Audience: New or returning candidates, EPC chairs, and candidate search committees.

Individual sessions in this course
June 17, 7pm
WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO RUN? Facilitated by Lise Fenton
An intro to what it takes to be a candidate for the BC NDP, with a snapshot look at a typical day on the campaign from the candidate’s perspective.
June 20, 2:30pm
CANDIDATE FUNDRAISING Facilitated by Dan Coulter and Katrina Chen
Writing a cheque or making a donation online is an essential way your personal network and BC NDP supporters will help you and your campaign. Understanding how, when, and who to ask for a donation is a vital part of any candidate's role.
June 22, 7pm
SEEKING A BC NDP NOMINATION Facilitated by Lise Fenton
Learn about the BC NDP nomination process, including the candidate application and nomination meetings. Plus, Elections BC’s new reporting requirements for nomination candidates.

Intro to Volunteering with the BC NDP

New to volunteering for the BC NDP? Want to learn how your role fits in?

This course covers the ins and outs of how BC NDP campaigns run, how specific volunteer tasks fit into the bigger picture, and what tools and materials volunteers can expect to use during a canvass.

Audience: New volunteers; first-time campaigners; and lead constituency and campaign organizers responsible for recruiting, training, and mentoring new and returning volunteers.

Individual sessions in this course
June 13, 4pm
BC NDP CAMPAIGNS 101 Facilitated by Jordan Reid and James Infante
Thinking about volunteering on an election campaign for the first time or looking to learn more? Join us for a session on how we run our campaigns at the local, regional, and provincial levels.
June 18, 7pm
VOLUNTEER ROLES Facilitated by Raji Toor and Karl Riley
Volunteers are the centre of our movement. Learn about the different roles volunteers play, and how they fit into the bigger picture.
June 24, 5:30pm
TOOLS FOR VOLUNTEERS Facilitated by Karl Riley
You've signed up for a canvass shift, what should you expect? This session will cover the basics of scripts, how to record accurate information, and how to use Dandelion – the BC NDP's mobile canvass tool.

Using SQL for Fun and Profit

In this course, learners will write SQL code to query BC NDP databases, extracting meaningful insights and building powerful visualizations.

Attendees will write code with a mind to answering real-world questions on BC NDP datasets.

Audience: Aspiring data analysts of all skill levels.

Individual sessions in this course
June 11, 7pm
INTRODUCTION TO DATABASES Facilitated by the BC NDP Data team
Connecting to the BC NDP data warehouse; fundamentals of database design and querying.
June 12, 5:30pm
AGGREGATES AND STATISTICS Facilitated by the BC NDP Data team
Summarizing and sorting data.
June 15, 5:30pm
JOINS Facilitated by the BC NDP Data team
Principles of linking data across sources.
June 16, 5:30pm
VISUALIZATIONS Facilitated by the BC NDP Data team
Presenting data.

Level Up Kick-off

Zoom livestream
June 9, 2020

Join us as we kick off Level Up with a short livestream event featuring a few special guests.


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Level Up is open to BC NDP members, supporters, and volunteers and consists of seven multi-session courses. Each session is one hour long.

As our sessions are held online via a video conferencing platform (Zoom), participants will need to have a computer and a high-speed internet connection. We also recommend listening to the courses with headphones for improved audio quality.

We encourage you to sign up and attend all sessions in a specific course. If you aren’t able to attend all sessions of a course, sign up for individual sessions.

Prizes and rewards:

  • Participants who complete all sessions in a course will receive a super-fancy and exclusive certificate.
  • Additional prizes will be awarded for constituency associations with the top number of participants. Check with your Field organizer for details.

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