Our Commitments

John Horgan's commitments to BC

Building a British Columbia
that works for you

After 16 years of BC Liberals working for their friends at the top, many British Columbians are struggling to keep up. Hard-working people like you are paying more and health care and education are falling behind.

John Horgan’s BC NDP will work hard to make your life more affordable and improve the services you count on while creating good jobs and a sustainable economy.

It’s time to build a better BC, with a government that works for you.

You can count on these three commitments.

Making things more affordable for your family

There’ll be more money in your pocket at the end of each month because we’ll take immediate action to make things more affordable for your family.

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Improving the services you count on

You and your family can count on improved services, especially in healthcare and education. Young people will have every opportunity to succeed in life and seniors can age with dignity.

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Good jobs and a sustainable economy

There will be thousands of good jobs with better wages in every corner of BC as we build a sustainable economy.

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Reconciliation, respect and a better future

John Horgan's BC NDP will work collaboratively and respectfully with First Nations to deliver a better future for us all.

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A government that works for you

By banning big money from politics, ending partisan ads and holding a referendum on replacing our outdated electoral system, we’ll get government and political parties back to what they should be doing: working for you.

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A responsible fiscal plan

We believe hard-working families like yours should be rewarded with fair taxes and that the services you rely on should be there when you need them.

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Dive into the details. Read the full breakdown of our commitments for a better BC (PDF download).

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