April 10th, 2017

Christy Clark’s platform maintains giveaways to rich donors, rising costs for families

Christy Clark seems to think a few repackaged promises can wipe the slate clean, but British Columbians will not forget her record.

British Columbians remember that after the last campaign she gave millionaires a billion dollar tax break and left the rest of us to pay for it through higher fees and extra costs.

Unfortunately, Clark’s platform will mean costs for families continue to skyrocket while the people at the very top are let off the hook. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Her platform maintains the billion dollar giveaway to the top 2%.
  • The Liberals doubled MSP premiums over the past sixteen years and think people will be impressed by promising to give half of it back.
  • Instead of investing in making childcare affordable for BC families, Clark is mostly trying to take credit for federal action.
  • The platform does nothing to address the out-of-control housing market that has left so many British Columbians without an affordable place to live.
  • No plan to address wages that aren’t keeping pace with rising costs and record household debt.

Perhaps Christy Clark will have more to offer tonight when she sits down with the people she really works for: wealthy donors paying $10,000 at her latest fundraiser.

BC NDP on the record:
“Christy Clark has left families falling further behind while looking out for herself and her rich donors. Instead of taking real action to support British Columbians today, she chose to continue her billion dollar giveaway to the top 2%. It’s time for leadership that works for British Columbians by eliminating tolls, freezing Hydro rates, and creating good jobs in every corner of the province.” – John Horgan, BC NDP Leader