John Horgan

Since John was first elected in 2005, he has built a strong profile around the whole province.

As an immigrant’s son, John understands the hope and optimism that new Canadians bring to our province and he knows they want to build a better life for their children.

John lost his father when he was a newborn. He was raised by his mom and his older sister. He understands the struggles that families face, and the importance of neighbours, community and strong public services in supporting families and nurturing children.

John has played team sports all his life, teaching him the value of teamwork and self-sacrifice. He is an avid outdoorsman who has hiked, camped, and gotten lost all over BC. He knows the beauty of BC’s natural environment and the importance of protecting it.

John is a family man. He and his wife, Ellie, just celebrated their 30th anniversary and have two sons who recently graduated from university. He understands that young people today face huge challenges in getting an education and finding a job. John completed a Masters Degree in History at the University of Sydney in Australia.

Before being elected as an MLA, John served as a senior civil servant, with responsibility for major energy files.

John was instrumental in the creation of the oil and gas commission, which set the stage for BC’s natural gas industry to boom while ensuring local communities benefited from their resources.

John was also a senior negotiator in the Columbia River Treaty, and helped establish the Columbia Basin Trust, ensuring communities in the Kootenays benefited directly from the Hydro dams in their region.

John also served as Associate Deputy Minister of Finance in years the government balanced its budget.