BC Liberals ignore calls to end bus pass clawback, offer fee adjustment instead

June 23, 2016 | News Releases

VICTORIA – Yesterday, the Christy Clark government made a cynical attempt to quiet opposition to their bus pass clawback, and ended up showing British Columbians just how clueless they really are, say B.C. New Democrats.

“People with disabilities in this province have been clear: they want an end to Christy Clark’s bus pass clawback. It’s mean, it’s callous, and it needs to end today,” said New Democrat social development spokesperson Michelle Mungall.

Rural schools need stable funding, not campaign announcements

June 16, 2016 | News Releases

VICTORIA – Yesterday, the Christy Clark government showed again that they care more about bad headlines in the lead up to an election than they do about our public schools, say the New Democrats.

“After starving education funding for years, Christy Clark has finally woken up and realized that when schools are forced to close in rural communities where there are no other options for students, it has a devastating effect on families, communities and regional economies,” said New Democrat education spokesperson Rob Fleming.

BC Liberals flip-flop on education funding, still no cheques for school boards

May 31, 2016 | Statements

VICTORIA – John Horgan, leader of the New Democrats, issued the following statement in response to the Christy Clark government’s education announcement on Tuesday:

“This is not about Christy Clark doing what’s right for parents and kids, this is all about Christy Clark trying to make bad headlines go away until after the election.

“This is the least that Christy Clark could do. The least. This is not new funding and I think that parents and students will see through this cynical election ploy.

Surrey school funding flop shows Premier Christy Clark not listening to parents

May 20, 2016 | News Releases

VANCOUVER – The B.C. Liberal government’s weak response to school overcrowding in Surrey shows that Premier Christy Clark isn’t listening to the needs of parents and students when it comes to funding public education in B.C., said New Democrat Leader John Horgan on Friday.

“As usual, Christy Clark is not listening to the needs of ordinary people. It looks like her plan is to continue starving public education for funding in Surrey and in communities all over B.C. We can do better for our kids and parents,” Horgan said.

Horgan says broken Kinder Morgan pipeline approval process not good enough for people of BC

May 19, 2016 | News Releases

VICTORIA — The rubber-stamp approval by the federal National Energy Board fails to meet the concerns of British Columbians about the proposed Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline project, New Democrat leader John Horgan said today.

Horgan said the NEB report does not address the four key concerns he set out in opposing the proposed pipeline expansion project.