Chamber of Commerce Executive Director to run for BC NDP

January 20, 2013 | News Releases

Chilliwack–Chilliwack New Democrats have nominated former Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Patti MacAhonic to run in the 2013 provincial election.

New Democrat MLA Gwen O’Mahony was acclaimed as the candidate in neighboring Chilliwack-Hope at the same meeting.

“Over the last nine months as MLA, I’ve been hearing from voters in Chilliwack and the Valley that they want a new and better government,” says O’Mahony. “Patti will be an outstanding voice for Chilliwack, can deliver the change voters in our community are looking for.”

O’Mahony was first elected MLA for Chilliwack-Hope in an April 2012 by-election.

“I am passionate about positive politics, especially in my community,” said MacAhonic, who was nominated in Chilliwack. “Adrian Dix and the BC NDP are working to change BC for the better, and I’m excited to hit the campaign trail as part of his team.”

Patti MacAhonic is the former Executive Director of the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce. She has lived in Chilliwack for over 20 years, previously working for the BC Wildlife Federation and the British Columbia Brain Injury Association, and has an MBA from Royal Roads University.

“Gwen and Patti are great representatives for Chilliwack,” says Adrian Dix, leader of the BC NDP. “They are community-minded people who believe we can make this province better for you and your family.”

MacAhonic and O’Mahony were nominated at a meeting in Chilliwack on January 19th.

Adrian Dix and the BC NDP are working to change BC for the better, one practical step at a time.