Dix invests in green projects, ends carbon credit fund and reaffirms opposition to Enbridge pipeline

April 22, 2013 | News Releases

KAMLOOPS – BC NDP leader Adrian Dix today committed to change for the better by investing in green projects and renewing the NDP’s opposition to the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

Dix said an NDP government would dissolve the Pacific Carbon Trust and place its measurement and monitoring functions in the Climate Action Secretariat. In addition, he said that levies paid by hospitals, crown corporations and post-secondary schools, would be directed back to those public sector institutions to fund energy-efficiency upgrades.

“Since 2008, our public institutions have been paying tens of millions of dollars in levies to the Pacific Carbon Trust,” said Dix. “Instead of using those funds to invest in energy-efficiency initiatives in schools and hospitals, the bulk of the money has been gifted to profitable corporations.

“Auditor General John Doyle expressed serious concerns about the role and accountability of the Pacific Carbon Trust,” said Dix. “We will act on his concerns and end this waste of public money by the BC Liberals.”

Dix reaffirmed his commitment that an NDP government would oppose the Northern Gateway Pipeline and maintain a moratorium on offshore oil exploration, drilling and tankers on the North Coast.

“The BC Liberals failed this province when they handed over decision-making power in the Enbridge decision to Ottawa in 2010,” said Dix. “We would withdraw from the Equivalency Agreement and set up a rigorous made-in-BC environmental assessment process.”

An NDP government would also use carbon tax revenue in the fight against climate change, with investments in transit, green projects that contribute to greenhouse gas reductions, and retrofits and other green infrastructure in both urban and rural areas.

“The BC Liberals have given up on climate change and failed to use the money raised through a carbon tax to fund green initiatives,” said Dix. “We will invest $120 million over the next three years to fight climate change in both urban and rural areas.”

Dix also announced measures to protect endangered species and habitats, a ban on the use of cosmetic pesticides in BC, and a commitment to reinvest in BC’s parks system.

Consistent with Dix’s commitment to show how we will pay for our commitments, the announcement made today is fully costed in the BC NDP’s fiscal plan. The deficits in the NDP fiscal plan do not exceed the deficits proposed by the BC Liberals.

The costs are $36 million in 2013-14, $47 million in 2014-15, and $60 million in 2015-16.

Total new spending announced to date in the NDP platform is $238 million in 2013-14, $597 million in 2014-15, and $739 million in 2015-16.