Facebook Tips

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We've made it easy for you to spread the word about the BC NDP on your social networks.

Share This 

Every page on the BC NDP website has a social media toolbar. It's at the top of each page and looks like this:

The toolbar allows you to Tweet website items on Twitter, recommend or send to a friend on Facebook, or +1 on Google+. 

Sharing Video 

Videos posted on this site are also posted on YouTube. You can find our BC NDP video channel on YouTube here. On our YouTube channel you'll find all the videos we upload to this site and can then grab the code to embed them on your own blog or website, or to share them on Facebook.

Other tips

Posting video and articles is just one of the ways you can use social networking to spread the word. You can use your Facebook status or Twitter account to promote events, link to news items, or just express your opinions on the issues of the day.