Speak up online

There are a number of blogs and discussion areas where people debate political issues in BC.

Here are a few we keep an eye on:

Quick Tips

1. Know the context

Spend some time getting familiar with the blog so you lower the risk of blowing an issue out of proportion. You'll also know more about how to address the problem, and what to expect once you've made a comment.

2. Remember, it's a conversation

That means listening as well as speaking. Don't just broadcast your point.

3. Be respectful

Keep it respectful and to the point, even if others are slinging sarcasm and insult. 

4. You can't win every argument

Given the heated rhetoric of the blogging world, don't expect to convince everyone. Just getting your point of view on record is the important thing -- it shows there is another side to the story, and that you are taking the time to address the concerns of this audience.