Andrew Wilkinson says renting is just “wacky”, “fun”.

If you think Andrew Wilkinson and BC Liberals should support the work that we've done to help renters, add your name below.

Because the BC Liberals let the housing crisis spiral out of control, many British Columbians can never afford to buy a home. Renting is their only option.

John Horgan and the BC NDP government are working hard for renters:

  • We put a limit on annual rent hikes.
  • We closed the fixed-term lease loophole that was hurting many renters.
  • We are protecting renters from unfair renovictions.
  • We are building affordable rental housing in communities across the province.

Andrew Wilkinson and the BC Liberals would undo all this progress. No protections. No new housing. And if it was up to Andrew Wilkinson, you would be paying higher rent right now.

Renting isn’t just a part of growing up, a “rite of passage"; for lots of people it’s a lifelong struggle to find an affordable home.

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OPTIONAL: if you share a story of a difficult “wacky” time you’ve had renting in BC, we’ll pass it along to Mr. Wilkinson to let him know just how hard it can be.