Wilkinson says he wants to give a tax break to the richest 1%

Andrew Wilkinson is planning a “tax review” - but won’t tell people which taxes he’ll raise or cut until after the election.

But just a few weeks ago, Andrew Wilkinson said he wanted to cut taxes for the top income tax bracket.

“The chronic question is, what’s the right top marginal tax rate? The NDP like it to be up in the mid-fifties. We as BC Liberals say you shouldn’t get above about fifty per cent.” (Coastal Front Podcast, July 15, 2020)

This year, the BC NDP asked the wealthiest British Columbians to pay a little more by increasing the top marginal tax rate (income over $220,000) from 49.8% to 53.5%. This brought BC in line with Ontario and Quebec.

Cancelling that would be a $216 million tax break for the richest 1% that everyone else will pay for with service cuts and higher costs.