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UPDATED for 2019 - The BC Liberal decade of dirty money: A timeline

We're diving deep into casino money laundering under the BC Liberal government — and what's coming up isn’t pretty...
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February 12

Working hard to make life better: Read the Speech from the Throne

In our third Speech from the Throne, the BC NDP government is celebrating the work we've done so far to make government work for people. As we look ahead in 2019, these are our priorities. ...
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January 29

What you need to know about the BC Liberal Clerk spending scandal

It's the biggest political controversy in BC in years...
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January 16

The BC Liberals hurt our healthcare for 16 years.

Here’s what John Horgan and the BC NDP are doing to fix it. ...
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January 10

We're making housing more affordable.

Everyone in BC deserves an affordable home to call their own...
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January 2

Together, let's keep building a better Nanaimo.

The stakes are high and the choice is clear – we can continue to build a strong future with John Horgan and the BC NDP, or we can risk going back to BC Liberals and their record of cutting services and making your life more expensive...
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November 30

70 referendum offices are ready for your pro rep ballot. Find yours.

Make your vote count by 4:30pm on Fri, Dec 7...
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November 22

Dear young people: Don't let them say you don't vote.

Politics as usual are outdated and unfair. Vote for pro rep and deal us in. ...
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November 21

Want to request your pro rep ballot today? Here's how.

Elections BC has set a deadline of MIDNIGHT THIS FRIDAY, November 23, as the last day to request ballots for this referendum. If your pro rep ballot hasn't arrived in the mail yet, don't worry. You can still vote in the referendum — but you have to act fast...
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September 14

Results from our Summer Survey are in, and...

Over 5000 British Columbians shared their thoughts with us. ...
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