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Taking action and tackling problems: Watch Premier David Eby's new ads

In celebration of Premier David Eby's first 100 days in office, we're launching new videos to help British Columbians get to know David a little better — and we've love to share two with you today...
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February 6

A BC where we all belong: Read the Speech from the Throne

There is nothing British Columbians can’t overcome if we keep pulling together and looking out for each other...
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December 7

Taking Action for You: Meet Premier David Eby's new cabinet

With representation from every region in this great province, and a diverse mix of work and life experience — just like the people they represent...
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July 29

Proud All Year: Eight ways we're fighting for BC's 2SLGBTQ+ community

During the 1990’s the NDP was BC’s first government with an out gay MLA, and the first to bring in adoption rights and pension benefits for queer couples. Now in 2022, we're still working hrd to deliver meaningful, impactful progress for the queer community...
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February 22

Action today, with a plan for tomorrow: Read the BC budget speech

Budget 2022 meets today's challenges, while keeping us moving forward by holding steady to what we know is true: that we are stronger together. ...
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February 8

Helping people through challenging times: Read the Speech from the Throne

Let's continue to improve health care, fight climate change and help communities adapt to extreme weather, make everyday life more affordable, and train people for the jobs of the future...
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January 13

2021: Here's what mattered to you

Here’s what you told us about 2021 (and what you want to see happen in 2022)...
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January 4

9 ways we delivered progress for people in 2021

Raising the minimum wage, paid sick days, child care, free transit for kids under 12 and so much more. ...
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November 30

Thirteen times our BC NDP electeds made history

Over the last 60 years, the BC NDP has worked hard to help elect people who represent the diversity of our great province — sometimes making history. Here are thirteen BC NDP elected officials whose election changed our province for the better...
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November 22

We've heard from New Democrats that they want to help British Columbians impacted by floods. 

By looking out for each other, we will get through this together. ...
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