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Taking Action for People: Highlights from the BC NDP's 2023 Convention

We’re more committed than ever to building a future worth fighting for. ...
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September 19

I accept you for who you are in every way: Premier David Eby's message to BC students

On September 20, transphobic protestors will rally in communities across Canada and in BC against what they call “gender ideology in schools”. Their hate, fueled by far-right extremism, is not welcome in our province, and our Premier agrees...
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June 26

Welcoming two new additions to our BC NDP team: Joan Phillip and Ravi Parmar

With two decisive by-election wins this weekend, our BC NDP team has grow a little bigger and better...
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June 23

It’s By-Election Day: Cast your ballot for Ravi, Joan, and the BC NDP!

After a fast-paced 28 day campaign, today is election day in Vancouver-Mount Pleasant and Langford-Juan de Fuca. ...
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June 15

Ready to vote early for Ravi and Joan and the BC NDP?

We're just over a week away from by-election day in Langford-Juan de Fuca and Vancouver-Mount Pleasant. If you live in either of those ridings, we have an important message for you: your vote matters, and you can cast it right now for your BC NDP candidates!...
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May 27

Meet Ravi Parmar and Joan Phillip: Our By-Election Candidates

By-elections have been called in Langford-Juan de Fuca and Vancouver-Mount Pleasant for June 24, and our BC NDP team is hitting the ground running...
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March 29

Working for women: Four ways we're taking action on systemic discrimination

Since forming government in 2017, our majority-women BC NDP government has fought to make life better for women and ensure they have the same opportunities men do...
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February 23

Taking action and tackling problems: Watch Premier David Eby's new ads

In celebration of Premier David Eby's first 100 days in office, we're launching new videos to help British Columbians get to know David a little better — and we've love to share two with you today...
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February 6

A BC where we all belong: Read the Speech from the Throne

There is nothing British Columbians can’t overcome if we keep pulling together and looking out for each other...
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December 7

Taking Action for You: Meet Premier David Eby's new cabinet

With representation from every region in this great province, and a diverse mix of work and life experience — just like the people they represent...
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