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Results from our Summer Survey are in, and...

Over 5000 British Columbians shared their thoughts with us. ...
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August 28

Your vote matters. It’s time to make it count.

John Horgan shares why he supports proportional representation — and why you should, too. ...
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July 10

The BC Liberal decade of dirty money: A timeline

We're diving deep into casino money laundering under the BC Liberal government — and what's coming up isn’t pretty...
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June 22

Working for you and delivering real results

Last summer you elected my fellow BC NDP MLAs based on our promise to work hard for you and build a better BC...
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May 9

One year ago, you voted for change.

One year later, BC NDP leader John Horgan looks back at last year's historic election night...
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April 20

Celebrate BC bands and musicians with our Amplify BC playlist

Our latest playlist, created in honour of Record Store Day, is all about BC. ...
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February 20

A budget that works for you.

An historic investment in childcare and infrastructure, plus bold steps to tackle the housing crisis. The BC NDP's 2018 budget is working for you. ...
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February 14

BC NDP candidate Shelley Cook applauds John Horgan’s bold, ambitious Throne Speech

"Today’s speech from the Throne has the same ambitious vision for BC’s future I hear about every day on the doorsteps here in Kelowna West."...
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February 13

Making life in BC better and more affordable: Read the speech from the Throne

Featuring the largest ever investment in BC Housing and the most significant investment in childcare in British Columbia's history...
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February 8

Shelley Cook echoes Premier John Horgan’s support for BC wineries

“I'm proud of our world-famous wine industry and of the BC NDP government's commitment to consult on the best ways to protect our lands and waters."...
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