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9 Pretty Good Things that Happened in 2020

A lot of 2020 was completely terrible. But some pretty darn good things happened here in BC, too. We've rounded up our Top 9 here. ...
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December 8

Tackling COVID and supporting people: Read the Speech from the Throne

When the pandemic hit our province last spring, we promised British Columbians we would be there for them, for as long as it takes to recover. That promise stands...
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November 26

Focused on you: Meet John Horgan's new Cabinet

An experienced, diverse group of New Democrats...
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November 24

Diverse, resilient and ready: Meet your new BC NDP MLAs

In a virtual ceremony hosted remotely from the Legislature, 57 new BC NDP were sworn in today. Their job? To keep supporting people through the COVID-19 pandemic and delivering on our commitments to British Columbians...
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November 23

“You have my respect forever” - your messages to Carole James

More than 7,800 people sent messages to Carole James on her retirement. These are a few of our favourites. ...
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October 25

"I will do my level best" - read Premier John Horgan's victory speech

British Columbians have elected a majority BC NDP government, led by John Horgan. Read John's speech on election night...
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October 19

A new approach to old forests

It’s time we had a paradigm shift when it comes to the abundant natural resources that surround us...
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October 17

Fighting the climate crisis

Because nothing is more important than protecting the place we call home...
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October 12

Advance polls open October 15! Here’s what you should know.

New Democrats vote early! Polls are open from October 15 through October 21. ...
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October 4

Care when you need it

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that when our health care system suffers, we all do...
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