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7 Quintessentially BC things you might not know the BC NDP made happen

Did you know that some of the most British Columbian things we all love only happened because of BC NDP governments? It’s true! ...
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October 14

12 big ways the BC NDP has made health care in BC better

Caring for people — and making sure they can care for themselves — is part of our collective DNA as New Democrats. And the BC NDP has been fighting for better, safer health care for British Columbians since the founding of our party in 1961...
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October 12

Your priorities for us: Paid sick leave, lower ICBC rates and supporting BC farmers

Support for workers was top of mind during our end-of-summer survey...
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September 2

8 big things the BC NDP has done for workers

Workers and their families power this province — and we're proud to stand with them on Labour Day, and every other day...
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August 12

Hot and dangerous: What you need to know about BC wildfires this summer

Fire season is scary and unpredictable. But there’s a lot we can do before, during, and after fires to be there for each other and lend a hand...
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August 11

Stay cool and stay safe in this weeks’ heatwave

It's going to be a hot one — so let's do what we can to keep our cool, and keep ourselves, our pets, and our neighbours comfortable...
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August 2

How are we celebrating BC Day this year? By marking a pretty big anniversary.

This year we're celebrating something even bigger than BC Day's 47th birthday. We're celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of our party. ...
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July 30

Protecting farmland and strengthening food security: The story of BC's Agricultural Land Reserve

Long before the climate crisis brought the world unprecedented heat waves, explosive wildfires and extreme drought that all threaten our food security, BC NDP activists and leaders warned of the long term dangers of paving our scarce but extremely productive farmland...
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July 30

BC's long struggle for better, more affordable car insurance

BC drivers today have vastly improved coverage and lower rates for car insurance. Don’t take it for granted. It has been a long struggle against formidable odds and powerful vested interests to achieve that...
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May 31

Heartache and outrage: John Horgan's remarks on the Kamloops residential school mass grave

On Friday, May 28 the world learned what Indigenous people have been telling them for decades: that residential schools, like the Kamloops Indian Residential School, were unrecorded burial sites for the bodies of hundreds of First Nations children. On Monday, May 31 John Horgan shared his remarks in the BC Legislature on the tragedy. ...
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