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Focused on you: Meet John Horgan's new Cabinet

An experienced, diverse group of New Democrats...
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November 24

Diverse, resilient and ready: Meet your new BC NDP MLAs

In a virtual ceremony hosted remotely from the Legislature, 57 new BC NDP were sworn in today. Their job? To keep supporting people through the COVID-19 pandemic and delivering on our commitments to British Columbians...
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November 23

“You have my respect forever” - your messages to Carole James

More than 7,800 people sent messages to Carole James on her retirement. These are a few of our favourites. ...
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October 25

"I will do my level best" - read Premier John Horgan's victory speech

British Columbians have elected a majority BC NDP government, led by John Horgan. Read John's speech on election night...
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October 19

A new approach to old forests

It’s time we had a paradigm shift when it comes to the abundant natural resources that surround us...
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October 17

Fighting the climate crisis

Because nothing is more important than protecting the place we call home...
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October 12

Advance polls open October 15! Here’s what you should know.

New Democrats vote early! Polls are open from October 15 through October 21. ...
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October 4

Care when you need it

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that when our health care system suffers, we all do...
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October 4

Rebuilding our schools

Our kids deserve the best start possible...
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October 2

Meet our incredible Indigenous candidates

Melanie Mark introduces the star candidates running for the BC NDP...
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