In a powerful statement, Premier John Horgan denounces Vancouver-based hate groups.

“When we are confronted by hate, we all have a responsibility to take action. We will continue to stand up for the values shared by the vast majority of British Columbians: equality, inclusiveness, and unity."...
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August 15

It's time. We're banning the grizzly bear trophy hunt across BC.

Banning the trophy hunt for grizzly bears was one of the first promises we made during the past election campaign. Today, our government is making good on it...
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August 10

We're taking a stand against Kinder Morgan's pipeline and tanker expansion. Here's how.

During the election, we promised to use every tool in our toolkit to fight for BC against Kinder Morgan’s proposed pipeline and tanker expansion. Today we announced three of them...
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August 8

BC NDP government keeps promise to remove Adult Basic Education and ELL tuition fees.

In 2015, the BC Liberal government started charging tuition fees for Adult Basic Education and English Language Learning classes. Today, the BC NDP government announced they'd be free once again. ...
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August 4

Get to know Adrienne Smith, the BC NDP's 2017 Pride Ambassador.

Adrienne Smith is a human rights activist and lawyer working in Vancouver. On Sunday, August 6th, they'll walk with Premier John Horgan as our 2017 Pride Ambassador...
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July 26

Read Premier John Horgan's mandate letters to the new BC NDP government ministers

This week many of the 22 new Ministers and Ministers of State received their mandate letters from Premier Horgan. Like the BC NDP platform and its three commitments, Premier Horgan's goals and expected outcomes are largely focused on improving the lives of everyday British Columbians. ...
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June 29

Thank you from John Horgan and the BC NDP.

For the first time in 16 years, BC has a chance at a new kind of government. We couldn’t have done it without donations like yours...
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May 30

It's time for a new kind of government in British Columbia.

The voters of British Columbia told us a lot of things on May 9 about the type of government they wanted to see, and one thing was crystal clear: They wanted change. Now, in the first agreement of its kind in BC government history, our party and the BC Green Party are ready and willing to make that happen...
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May 19

British Columbians want a new government. We’re going to make sure they get it.

10 days ago, British Columbians did something remarkable. They voted, overwhelmingly, for a change in government. Just as we worked hard for every single vote across the province, we will work to find common ground with the Green Party, so that together we can work in the interests of all British Columbians...
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May 6

Seven things you need to know about the AdvantageBC tax scandal

A secretive BC Liberal-led program funnels more than 100 million dollars to big banks and large corporations. What did we get in exchange? Less than 300 jobs. ...
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