Making your life more affordable

For sixteen years the BC Liberals gave billions in tax cuts to the richest British Columbians while making life more expensive for everyone else.

They increased Hydro rates, ICBC premiums and ferry fares. They tripled tuition and doubled MSP fees. As our cities grew, they put steep tolls on key commuter bridges and ignored transit users. They did nothing while the price of housing and rent went through the roof.

We’re giving you a break.

John Horgan and the BC NDP are working for you and taking real action to make life more affordable. We’re eliminating MSP by Jan 1, 2020; we’ve frozen fares on major BC Ferry routes and we’re making a billion dollar investment in childcare and helping families across BC access affordable childcare for about $200/month. Plus we’ve brought in a new tax on real estate speculation, and we’ve updated rules for renters and landlords to make finding a safe, secure and affordable place to live a little easier.

There’s still much more to do, but we’re proud of the progress we’ve made together.

Eliminated MSP premiums

We’ve cut MSP premiums in half for 2019, and we’re eliminating them entirely starting January 1, 2020 — putting up to $1,800 a year back in the pockets of BC families.

Implementing a 30-point plan to tackle the housing crisis

We’ve made the biggest investment in housing affordability in BC history – more than $7 billion over 10 years – so that all British Columbians can find an affordable place to live.

Created the BC Child Opportunity Benefit

It's an historic investment putting more than $400 million a year back in the pockets of middle-class families.

Took action to stabilize BC’s overheated real estate market

Our speculation and vacancy tax helps turn empty homes into available housing for people — while raising revenue to support affordable housing.

Investing in affordable, accessible child care

We're building a universal child care system that will give BC parents access to affordable, quality child care when they want or need it.

Cancelled interest on BC student loans

Effective February 19, 2019, we’ve eliminated interest on all current, future and outstanding BC student loans.

Reducing poverty in BC

We’ve introduced BC’s first poverty reduction strategy to reduce overall poverty by 25%.

Froze or reduced rates and fees

We’ve frozen or reduced rates on most BC Ferry routes, and more.

Eliminated bridge tolls

In August 2017, we eliminated bridge tolls on the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges.

Improving the services you count on

Sixteen years of bad choices by the BC Liberals damaged the services we all rely on every day.

They wasted millions in the courts fighting teachers — and hurt a generation of kids studying in BC schools.

John Horgan and the BC NDP are working hard to make the services we count on work better for people.

We’re making major investments in health care and education, including building new hospitals, urgent care centres and schools in every corner of BC.

Fixing more than a decade of bad choices and neglect isn’t easy, but we’re working hard every day to make sure you get the support you need to thrive.

Investing $4.4 billion in health care

We’re building hospitals, ICUs, emergency rooms and primary care centres; cutting wait times for MRI and CT scans, and making BC’s health care system work for people again.

Ensuring respect and quality care for seniors

We’re increasing care hours for seniors’ caregivers, investing in supportive housing and helping seniors to live vibrant, engaged lives.

Making Mental health and addiction services a priority

We created BC’s first ministry of Mental Health and Addictions, and we’re helping people with mental health needs get the care they need, faster.

Tackling the overdose crisis

We’ve invested $332 million to combat the overdose crisis — and we've launched a class-action lawsuit against the opioid companies for their misleading marketing practices.

Prioritizing knowledge and training

From trades to tech to more, we’re investing in world-leading education at every level.

Investing in BC kids and classrooms

We've hired 4,000 new teachers, invested $2.7 billion in school upgrades and expansions, and creating a $5M/yr school playground fund — plus so much more.

Putting the care back into care

We increased support payments for foster parents and caregivers, while giving youth aging out-of-care free tuition for post-secondary studies.

Investing in public safety

We’re helping first responders access the support they need, and investing in programs to keep at-risk youth away from gangs.

Improving BC’s transportation systems

We’re investing in transit and building projects we need — like a wider Hwy 1 and a new Pattullo bridge — for a transportation system that grows with us.

Improving BC Crown Corporations

From BC Hydro to ICBC, we’re working hard to make Crown Corporations work better for British Columbians.

Expanding wireless to rural, remote and Indigenous communities across BC

We’re connecting more British Columbians in every corner of the province.

Building a sustainable future

Under the BC Liberals, emissions from big polluters skyrocketed and major environmental disasters like Mount Polley went unpunished.

With their unprecedented investment in CleanBC, John Horgan and the BC NDP are taking a different path forward. From wildfires to floods, we know that climate change is a major threat to British Columbians and our economy. That’s why we’ve launched western North America’s strongest climate plan, why we’re protecting wild salmon and modernizing our environmental protections, so this beautiful province is here for this generation, and the next and the next.

Launching CleanBC

We're safeguarding British Columbia’s future with one of the strongest climate plans in North America.

Protecting wild salmon for future generations

We’re protecting wild salmon migration routes and implementing a made-in-BC Wild Salmon strategy.

Updating environmental regulations and protecting our environment

We’re modernizing our environmental regulations and standing up against the threat of a diluted bitumen spill to our economy and our coast.

Protecting BC wildlife

We banned the grizzly bear trophy hunt across BC, and we’re working with First Nations and other stakeholders to protect wild salmon stocks.

Growing BC agriculture

We’ve preserved valuable farmland, relaunched BuyBC and increased access to affordable farmland for young farmers.

Investing in wildfire prevention and cleanup

We're investing more than $111 million to combat and prevent wildfires.

Supporting good jobs and a strong economy

Under the BC Liberals, mills closed, wages were stagnant and BC’s child poverty rate was among the highest in the country.

Under John Horgan and the BC NDP’s leadership, British Columbia has the strongest economy in Canada, and the lowest unemployment.We’re making sure that businesses have the support and opportunities they need, and that workers are protected while supporting the industries that power our economy — like agriculture, tech, tourism and forestry.

Making the largest infrastructure investment in BC history

We're investing $20 billion in creating jobs and building new hospitals, bridges, roads and schools all over BC.

Fuelling innovation in BC tech

We’re investing millions in BC’s growing tech industry to attract world-class talent, prioritize skills training, and create opportunities for local businesses.

Renewing our forest industry

We’re committed to revitalizing this anchor industry — including using BC wood for major infrastructure projects including the new Royal BC Museum and Vancouver’s new St. Paul’s hospital.

Creating safe, responsible mining jobs

We made an historic $20 million investment in an independent oversight body for the mining sector.

Boosting the creative economy

We’ve increased funding for the BC Arts Council and Creative BC and created a new fund to support our music industry.

Investing in tourism and recreation

6.1 million tourists visited BC in 2018. We’re making sure the communities that host them have the support they need.

Safely developing natural gas

We delivered record investment while meeting our four conditions.

Helping small businesses succeed

We cut the small business tax rate by 20% and we’re opening up opportunities for BC businesses to take advantage of the government’s buying power.

Recognizing the changing workplace

Updating employment standards regulations, protecting temporary foreign workers and raising the minimum wage.


Five years ago, the Supreme Court of Canada affirmed the legal rights of indigenous people in this province.

The message was clear: Aboriginal Title and Rights are a matter of law and justice.

John Horgan's BC NDP government is making reconciliation a cross-government priority, including mandating all ministries to fully adopt and implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, along with the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Acting on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and UNDRIP

We‘re co-developing legislation with BC First Nations to establish UNDRIP as the framework for reconciliation in British Columbia.

Supporting Indigenous communities, culture and history

We’re supporting First Nations in their work to revitalize connections to their languages, and funding Aboriginal Friendship Centres for the first time in BC history.

Keeping Aboriginal children connected to their communities

We’re expanding Aboriginal Head Start programs across BC.

Creating jobs and opportunities

We’re signing historic agreements — from sharing gaming revenue to protecting wild salmon in the Broughton Archipelago.

Making government work for you

From 2005 to 2017, the BC Liberals raked in more than $150 million in big money donations while doing everything they could to help their rich friends.

That’s not how government should work.

One of the very first things John Horgan and the BC NDP did when they formed government was to ban big money donations from BC provincial elections. We're bringing back BC's Human Rights Commission and we’re working to make government more accountable.

Took big money out of politics

We banned big money from provincial, municipal and recall campaigns in BC.

Protecting freedom of speech and identity

We brought in tough anti-SLAPP legislation to protect freedom of speech and expression, and introduced an ‘x’ gender option for BC-issued identity documents.

Making government more equitable and more transparent

From appointing BC’s first Parliamentary Secretary for Gender Equity, we’re working across party lines to make government work better for you.

Re-establishing the BC Human Rights Commission

Until recently, BC was the only province in Canada without one.

Cracking down on dirty money

We’ve launched a public inquiry into dirty money in BC — and at the same time we're cracking down on money laundering in BC’s real estate, luxury car and casino industries.