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The BC Liberals govern for those at the top. Their billion-dollar tax cut for the richest 2 per cent of British Columbians benefited their rich friends and wealthy donors and made life harder for everyone else. They spent $15 million of your hard-earned tax dollars on partisan ads ahead of this election – while education, healthcare and other services remain underfunded.

That’s not how government should work.

John Horgan and the BC NDP’s plan is simple, straightforward and transparent. It puts power back in your hands. We’ll take big money out of politics, we’ll make every vote count and we’ll make government more accountable.

Take Back BC

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Taking big money out of politics
We’ll make political parties more responsive to you – not wealthy donors – by banning corporate and union donations and setting limits on individual contributions.
Making every vote count
We’ll hold a referendum – and campaign for the “yes” side – on replacing our outdated voting system with a proportional one.
Ending the partisan waste and opening government up
We’ll end the practice of governments wasting your tax dollars on partisan political ads – and put that money back to work for you.

Taking big money out of politics

A BC NDP government will dedicate its first piece of legislation to taking big money out of politics.

We will ban corporate and union donations and set limits on individual contributions.

We’ll also ban out-of-province donations and require transparency from outside organizations advertising to influence the outcomes of our elections.

Making every vote count

Our current first-past-the-post voting system isn’t working. Parties that don’t get 50 per cent of the vote get all the power and the voices of minority groups often go unheard. It’s time for a system where every vote counts.

John Horgan and the BC NDP would hold a referendum on changing our voting system to a proportional system. We’ll ensure BC’s regions are all represented fairly and we will campaign for the “yes” side.

Ending the partisan waste and opening government up

Partisan government ads are a waste of your tax dollars. Working with the Auditor General, we’ll set strong standards for advertising spending.

We’ll also protect whistleblowers, strengthen conflict-of-interest legislation and improve access to information rules.

At the same time, we’ll take action to protect your rights and your free speech. We’ll put an end to frivolous anti-free speech lawsuits with anti-SLAPP legislation and we’ll bring back the Human Rights Commission to stop discrimination. We’ll also form a youth council to make sure young voices are heard by government.

A BC NDP government will work for all British Columbians and ensure government is inclusive to minority communities, persons with disabilities, racial groups, immigrants and the LGBTQ community.

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