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Commitments to BC

Over the last two years, the people of British Columbia have proven their commitment and passion for our province. Through unprecedented health risks, financial pressures and, sadly for too many, the heartbreak of losing someone close, people have put their family, neighbours, community and province first.

Before COVID-19 hit, we had begun fixing all the problems created through years of the BC Liberals working for people at the top while making you pay the price.

And the progress we’ve made together continues with the plan we’re presenting here. With your support, we can continue to move BC forward – investing in people, and delivering the programs and services that matter most to you.

BC Together: Fighting a Pandemic

If the last two years have shown us anything, it’s the positive strides our province can take when we all work together.

In the first six months of the pandemic, John Horgan and the NDP government launched its COVID-19 Action Plan, investing more than $8 billion in services and supports that helped people, communities and local businesses. And we followed that up in September with a made-in-BC Economic Recovery Plan that will improve health care, get people back to work, support BC businesses, and strengthen our neighbourhoods and communities.

Our COVID-19 Action and Economic Recovery plans are about making sure we look out for one another – just like you’re doing every day.

Key Investments in fighting COVID-19

More than ever, putting people first has never been as important as it is in the COVID-19 reality. John Horgan and the NDP responded quickly with made-in-BC investments that filled in the gaps in federal supports, including:

Providing free COVID-19 vaccines

When they are approved and available, anyone who wants the vaccine will receive it.

Moving our COVID-19 Plan forward

Moving forward, John Horgan’s NDP government will expand its COVID-19 Action Plan to cover four key areas that will help create more security for everyone in British Columbia:

Better health care for you & your family

We’ve accomplished a lot in the last few years, but coming on the heels of 16 years of neglect, there’s more to do to fix health care in our province – and then make it work even better for you. That means:

  • Faster care – with reduced wait times for the care you need by providing more surgeries, diagnostics and procedures, and training more health care professionals here in BC.
  • Closer care – through building new hospitals and additions, more community-based Urgent Primary Care Centres, and more e-health and tele-health services – allowing you to get the care you need in your community and even your home.
  • More personalized care – where the health care “system” is more streamlined around your health needs, rather than you having to navigate your way through it.

Care in your community

For too long under the BC Liberals, people were often shut out of the health care they needed. The problems were everywhere – long waits, hallway medicine, a shortage of health professionals and, worst of all, a clear move toward private clinics where the rich would be able to jump the queue while the rest of us waited longer.

Reducing your wait for care

Back in the days of the BC Liberals, there was a single MRI machine that was operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just three years into a John Horgan NDP government, there are now ten. That means people are getting faster care and wait times are going down.

More doctors, nurses and health professionals

We know that BC needs more staff in all areas of health care: doctors, nurses, technologists, technicians and aides. We’ve begun the work of fixing this problem through better training, recruitment and retention – and in our first three years in office, we’ve seen significant gains in BC’s health care workforce.

A better life for seniors

For BC seniors, it was a long 16 years of BC Liberal neglect, leaving our province with fragmented and unaccountable care – making long-term care centres especially susceptible to COVID-19 outbreaks.

A 10-year cancer care plan to get and keep you healthy

Working with BC Cancer and BC’s health authorities, John Horgan’s NDP government will make British Columbia a leader in cancer care by launching a 10-year cancer care action plan built around:

Saving lives, healing pain

The pain is felt in every part of this province. The pain of lives impacted by mental health challenges or the grip of addiction.

Making health care more affordable for all

In three years, we’ve taken bold steps to make health care more affordable. From eliminating MSP premiums (the largest middle class tax cut in BC history) to making prescriptions free or low cost for almost a quarter-million families, to removing age restrictions for coverage of expensive insulin pumps for people with Type-1 diabetes.

Affordability & security in your home & community

The suddenness of COVID-19 made all of us appreciate the idea of home more than ever. More than it already was, it became a place of safety, of recovery, and for many of us an often-chaotic mix of work, play, child care and much more. For a few months, everything in your life happened in your home – proving again that your home, in turn, is everything.

Over its first three years, John Horgan’s NDP government worked to build more homes, make them more affordable whether you own or rent, make your neighbourhoods safer and healthier, and create improved access to the public services you need to truly make your community a home.

Many of the investments we’ve made – large, small or somewhere in the middle – have been aimed at fixing 16 years of neglect and service cuts by the former BC Liberal government. We’ve made a good start, and we’re ready to keep making life more affordable and secure for everyone in BC.

A recovery benefit for British Columbians

We’re helping ease the financial impact of COVID-19 for people in British Columbia who have been hit the hardest.

More affordable housing

We’re making it easier for you to find a home you can afford. The next four years are critical to the success of our 10-year Homes For BC plan to build and revitalize affordable homes for everyone from students to seniors.

Better access to affordable child care

The investments we’ve made in child care are saving families up to $19,000 a year. Next up in our 10-year ChildCareBC plan is bringing universal $10-a-day child care to more families.

Better learning for your child

After years of BC Liberal underfunding, schools, teachers, education assistants and support staff are now getting the resources they need to give students the education they deserve.

Moving you around faster & more affordably

We’re fixing the mess at ICBC left by the BC Liberals – and saving you money in the process – while delivering more options for cleaner and greener transit.

Tackling climate change, protecting nature

The next few years are critical in moving BC to cleaner energy and reduced climate pollution through our CleanBC plan – while taking new steps to protect more of BC’s unique natural heritage.

Moving towards greater self-determination for Indigenous peoples

BC became the first province to enshrine the United Nations’ Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) in law – we’ll now move forward together to further self-determination.

Equality, inclusion & human rights. For everyone.

While BC Liberal MLAs continue to fight against inclusion and equality, we’re bringing back human rights protection and making BC a leader in LGBTQ2S+ recognition and rights.

Safer, caring and healthier neighborhoods

Whether it’s safer streets or helping protect you from mass floods, we’re putting in place the plans to make BC communities safer, more caring and healthier.

Good jobs & livelihoods in a clean-energy future

Now is the time to build an economy that works for everyone.

The economic impacts of COVID-19 must serve as a wake-up call for all of us, because it’s demonstrated clearly just how unbalanced our economy is – the rich seem to be getting richer while everyday people carry on under the stress of how to make it to the next month.

British Columbians have told us that, as we all work to rebuild BC’s economy, we can’t go back to the way things were – because that just wasn’t working for too many people. BC needs an economy that works for the public good, and this is the moment to make that pivot.

Have a look at what our economic plan will bring to British Columbia.

An economy that benefits everyone

While the BC Liberals continue to advocate for people at the top, John Horgan and the NDP are working to create an economy where everyone can get ahead.

A clean energy economy & future

Our plan will help British Columbians build an economy that respects our province and planet, securing a clean future in the communities we love.

A strong future for resource workers & communities

We are working with industries, communities, First Nations and workers to revitalize and modernize the industries that have helped build our province.

Becoming a global producer of low-carbon products and services

We’re moving BC to the forefront of meeting the global demand for products and services that will reduce emissions and help protect our planet.

Promoting the strengths of BC’s small & medium-sized businesses

With help already underway through our Economic Recovery Plan, we’re focused on new action to help BC businesses grow and hire.

Training for a changing economy

After eliminating interest on student loans and bringing back student grants, we’re continuing to make post-secondary education, training and apprenticeships more affordable and available.

Helping workers stay safe & get ahead

BC workers are front-and-centre in our government’s new Economic Recovery Plan, and we’ll continue to bring forward improved rights and benefits for all working people.

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