$600K. That's what Christ Clark cost many BC families.

I know how important a stable home was to raising my family.

But two thirds of people in Metro Vancouver don't think they'll ever be able to afford a home. And the rental market isn't stable either.

It didn't have to be like this.

Christy Clark was served warning of this coming crisis over two years ago but she ignored the concerns of economic experts, BC New Democrats and thousands of people who called out for action.

In June 2014, the BC NDP and the BC Chamber of Commerce raised alarms about offshore real estate speculators distorting our housing market. The benchmark price of a home in Metro Vancouver was then $976,700.

As prices rocketed upwards, Christy Clark denied the problem. She said people should move to Fort St. John. Her housing minister called people whiners.

It wasn’t until this July, when benchmark prices had climbed another $600,000, that she finally admitted that people were facing a crisis in affordability and imposed a sudden tax on foreign buyers.

Too little and too late, her reluctant, sudden tax has done nothing to make housing more affordable. An entire generation of young families has been priced out of their own housing market.

Christy Clark and the BC Liberals created this crisis in housing affordability by doing absolutely nothing until overwhelming pressure from families caught in the housing crisis forced her to act.

We need to keep pushing. Solving this problem is going to take an integrated approach and long term planning, rather than a knee-jerk approach that has more to do with polling numbers than good policy. British Columbians deserve an affordable place to live and to raise their families.