Always be yourself: Your favourite advice from your mom on Mother's Day

In case you've forgotten, this Sunday, May 9th, is Mother's Day.

In honour of the holiday, we asked you to share your favourite tidbits of wit and wisdom from your Mom. Hundreds of you responded, and the advice you shared was pretty darn delightful. Here are just a few of our favourites.

Mary from Comox recalled her mother's advice about feeling good in one's skin.

"There's nothing wrong with helping along Mother Nature. (OK so she was referring to my wanting to dye my hair as a teenager, buy hey, it's still good advice in all things)."

Louise from Mill Bay shared that her mom was a big fan of lifelong learning.

"Get an education. No one can take that away from you."

Cee from Chilliwack learned about the importance of generosity from their mom.

"Never turn a needy relative or person away from your door. Be welcoming, know your relatives, be kind and always share food!"

Frank from Prince George shared some excellent advice for building a better future.

"Mourn for dead but fight for the living"

Cheryl from Vernon remembered her Mom encouraging her to be her own biggest cheerleader.

"Be yourself and don't let anyone take your confidence away"

Jeanette from Victoria recalled her Mom's advice for self-care (before anyone thought to call it self-care).

"Keep your feet well shod (which means wear good shoes) and keep your feet dry."

We had more than a few submissions with advice about feeling and looking your best.

Pat from North Vancouvershared this tidbit: "An hour of sleep before midnight is worth two hours of sleep after midnight."

And Elizabeth from Kelowna had a timely reminder for anyone concerned about their reflection as they age: "Always moisturize your neck; someday it could be your face!"

Wayne from Victoria shared some advice we wish we'd heard before some ill-advised body art decisions in the early 2000's.

"Never get a tattoo when you are angry or in love."

Nancy from Victora shared this helpful tip from her mom, one she noted was specifically about "the social expectation of women that we will put everyone and everything else first".

"You cannot pour from an empty teapot." According to Nancy, it's a reminder that we have to take time to refresh our 'pots' (aka our souls) regularly.

Neil from Victoria says he'll never forget this bit of advice from his mom after he did badly on a test in school.

"Knowledge and wisdom are different things. You are wise and that will always serve you well as opposed to thinking as other's. It's people like you that will and always have changed the world".

Lynn from Kelowna shared a little rhyme from her Mom that we can't get out of our heads.

"If a job is once begun

Never leave it till it's done.

Be it great or be it small,

Do it well, or not at all."

Rhamona from Vancouver says her mom is still her role model, after all these years.

"She embraced compassion, humour and and a passion for life. "You have one life," she told me when I was still quite young. "Live it. Love it."

Sandra from Delta shared some excellent advice from her mom for anyone facing bullying.

"The best advice my Mom gave is when someone is saying mean things to you just smile. They want to hurt you and get a reaction but by smiling at them it shuts them down and makes you feel good... it always works."

Lastly, Roberta from Langley reminded us that Mom's advice has made us who we are.

"The most powerful lessons I learned from my Mom were not just a single piece of advice. I learned from my Mom by watching her example and how she dealt with people and the world. My Mom was kind, loving, hard-working, honest, generous, funny, self-effacing and empathetic. I am still trying to live up to her standards and I am 68 years old!"

Mother's Day can be a complicated and challenging holiday for many people. But we hope that reflecting on this helpful, thoughtful advice from beloved moms around BC has made you smile this weekend.

To all the moms and those who love them - Happy Mother's Day.