Thank you, thank you: Your messages to BC’s essential workers

While many folks stay home to help bend — and, hopefully, plank— the curve of COVID-19, essential workers are still on the job, doing the tasks that help keep BC running.

They’re driving buses and working on ferries. They’re preparing takeout in BC’s restaurants and cafes so families can get a break from making dinner, and other frontline workers can get a bite to eat. They’re keeping water, gas, electricity, sewers, and streetlights running smoothly. And they’re working in hospitals, clinics, and care centres, helping people recover from this devastating virus. We owe everything to them, and that’s why we’re saying thanks.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been asking British Columbians to share their messages for essential workers with us. The response was extraordinary.

As of this writing, more than 3,200 people have passed on their gratitude. And there’s still time to add your message. Send your message of thanks to essential workers today.

We’ve posted a bunch of their messages on social media already, but there are so many more that we wanted to highlight.

Like Harbans from Abbotsford, who said:

“I salute to our brave Canadians who are working to save our fellow Canadians lives by serving to put their own and loved ones lives at risk. Thank you all healthcare, pharmacies, grocery stores, transport, and other essential service workers, you guys are real heroes”

And Susan from Burnaby, who is committed to doing her part as long as necessary:

“How can two words possibly contain the enormity of gratitude for the courage, skill, knowledge, dedication, caring, strength, tenacity, determination and selflessness that our essential service workers bring to this fight every single day? My THANK YOU contains a promise of action behind those words by following every recommendation to act in a way that will lighten the burden that you carry for all of us. I will not stop until you can.”

Carrie from Comox wishes there were better words for her gratitude than just ‘thank you’:

“You make it possible for me to stay in and stay safe. I'm a high risk so basically you are saving my life every day you do your job. I wish there were better words than just thank you.”

Suzanne from Black Creek won’t forget essential workers when COVID-19 is over:

“As always, when the world needs help it is not the CEOs and corporate elite that we rely on. It is the hard work and compassion of our dedicated folks in the health care and service industry. When this darkness lifts I hope we do not forget you are the ones that kept us a functioning society. Deep bows of gratitude to all of you.”

Pam from Delta wants workers to know she’s in it for them:

“As a member of the working class I am in it with you and I'm staying home so that we can get through this more quickly. I am so proud of all of you: bus drivers, grocery store workers, hospital workers, delivery people, care givers, drivers, warehouse workers, truck drivers, railway personnel, dock workers, teachers, clerks everywhere. All of you are working to keep the rest of us safe until we get through this. I have never seen one billionaire do that for me. Grateful to be in it with the workers.”

Penny from Langley is a frontline worker grateful for her fellow frontline workers:

“I work as a respiratory therapist with COVID patients and I want to thank the cleaning staff who are just as much at risk as nurses and doctors. We could not do our work to keep patients safe and healthy without them. Thank you!”

Fenella, Keith and Isabella know that it isn’t just essential workers making sacrifices; their families are, too.

“We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for working tirelessly. Sacrificing time with your families and potentially risking your health for the sake of others. You are appreciated!”

Mohamed from Kelowna is grateful for the kindness during this crisis:

“Very grateful for your selfless caring and devotion to your fellow Canadian brothers and sisters at a very difficult and painful time. We live in a beautiful and great country thanks to you all. God bless!”

David from Sooke is a 7pm cheering section of one — but he’s not stopping:

“Thank you for your selfless actions during this difficult time. I live in a rural area and even though I may be the only one who can hear it, I stand out here and bang our pots to support you.”

Franco from Richmond is thinking about the future:

“Thank you doctors, nurses, medics and paramedics, thank you janitors, thank you hydro and gas folks, thank you to researchers and engineers that are working around the clock to design vaccines and ventilators, thank you to our media people that keep us informed, thank you to the IT people that made possible for us to keep connected during social distancing. When this passes, it is my dream and hope that we reflect on what is really important, and invest in that first.”

And Maureen from Vancouver knows we all have our part to play in beating back COVID-19:

“I have never felt such a sense of communal connection. I have such a huge sense of gratitude towards all the essential workers not to mention all the others who are still on the job and putting themselves at risk: medical staff, cleaners, postal workers, delivery people, truck drivers, grocery workers, pharmacy workers, government workers, sanitation workers, teachers (who've had to swiftly adapt to teaching online), community workers and volunteers supporting vulnerable populations - thank you, thank you, thank you! Big shout out too to all those taking distancing seriously and staying at home to flatten the curve. As someone who is immunocompromised, it is appreciated. We are in this together and all have our part to play.”

We’re so grateful for everyone who shared a message so far, and for all the essential workers doing what needs to be done.

To everyone else: wherever you are in BC, and whatever way you’re stepping up and doing your part, thank you. We’re all in this together.

And remember, if you haven't sent your message to essential workers yet, there's still time. Send yours today.