Andrew Wilkinson’s hidden tax plan means breaks for the wealthy

Andrew Wilkinson’s platform promises to “review all provincial taxes” to “recommend which should be adjusted, reduced or eliminated.”

Why won’t Wilkinson share his plans before the election?

A quick flashback:

Wilkinson was BC Liberal party president during the 2001 election. The BC Liberals promised not to cut taxes for the rich. But on their first full day in office, they cut the top income tax bracket by 25%. Vaughn Palmer wrote:

“[Gordon Campbell] also hatcheted the top three brackets, something he never mentioned in his bid for the premier's office… Mr. Campbell rejected the suggestion Wednesday that the Liberals had been harbouring plans all along to cut the top three tax brackets. But he was unable to cite any new information that has come his way since the election that would justify the sudden expansion in his tax-cutting intentions.” (Vancouver Sun, June 7, 2001)

On the same day, Wilkinson was appointed as a Deputy Minister to Campbell.

As BC Liberal Leader, Wilkinson has supported $3 billion in tax breaks to the wealthy and biggest businesses:

  • Employer Health Tax on biggest 15% of businesses: $1.8 billion
  • The speculation and vacancy tax: $80 million
  • School tax on homes over $3 million: $200 million
  • Tax on top 2% of income earners: $328 million
  • Tax on top 1% of income earners: $216 million
  • 1% corporate income tax increase: $296 million
  • Total: $2.9 billion

Wilkinson’s record opposing these taxes is available here.