Ashe and Robinson call on Falcon to apologize for cuts to sexual assault centre funding

BC NDP Vancouver-Quilchena candidate Jeanette Ashe and Selina Robinson are calling on BC Liberal Leader Kevin Falcon to apologize for his role in funding cuts that closed 37 women’s centres in 2002.

When Falcon was at the cabinet table, the BC Liberals cut $2 million in funding for centres offering sexual assault and domestic violence support services for women. The same budget gave a 5% tax break to the top 1% of income earners.

“Selina and I were both working on the frontlines when Kevin Falcon helped make these cuts and we saw the devastating impact on women,” said Ashe. “It was heartbreaking. It’s time for him to apologize to the women hurt by this decision.”

Falcon recently defended these cuts: “We had to right-size government. There's no doubt, and it wasn't fun. I'll tell you that. It just wasn't fun.”

“When Kevin Falcon starts talking about reigning in government it always means the same thing: giveaways for the wealthiest and everyone else pays the price,” said Robinson. “He’s made that choice every time he’s had the chance. Why shouldn’t we think he’d do it again?”

The BC NDP’s Budget 2022 restored funding for sexual assault centres cut by the BC Liberals. 50 centres offering services to survivors of sexual violence will receive $22 million this year, and $10 million in stable funding every year going forward.