BC Liberal record will be hard to defend in Nanaimo, says Malcolmson

Newly-appointed BC Liberal candidate Tony Harris will have a tough time defending the BC Liberal record when he runs in the upcoming Nanaimo by-election, says Sheila Malcolmson.

“Sixteen years of harmful actions by the BC Liberals have had a serious impact on the people of Nanaimo,” says Malcolmson. “From the housing crisis to the neglect of our health care needs, the BC Liberals have a lot to answer for.

“I’m especially surprised at Tony Harris’ strong opposition to the Speculation and Vacancy Tax. Under the BC Liberals, it became so difficult for people to rent or buy housing in Nanaimo. Now they want to stop measures to curb speculation. That would make the housing situation even worse.”

Malcolmson said the BC Liberal money-laundering scandal will be especially challenging for Harris to defend.

“People in Nanaimo are alarmed that under the BC Liberal watch, BC casinos were engaged in massive money-laundering operation that has had such a negative impact across BC. From drugs to gangs to housing prices, this dirty money has hurt everyone in the province.”

Malcolmson said the John Horgan government has taken important steps for Nanaimo over the past year.

“After years of bad choices by the BC Liberal government, we’re finally getting action on affordable housing, protecting our coast, and restoring our health care and education,” she said.

Malcolmson, the MP for Nanaimo-Ladysmith, announced Oct. 24 that she intends to seek the BC NDP nomination for Nanaimo. A by-election will be triggered by the upcoming resignation of MLA Leonard Krog, who was elected Mayor of Nanaimo in the recent civic election.