BC Liberals should denounce Barry Neufeld, says Paddon

Last night, Barry Neufeld attacked journalists at the Chilliwack Progress using a slur that is harmful to people with disabilities.

It’s the latest offensive remark by Neufeld, who has also made numerous transphobic and homophobic statements.

Just this summer, Neufeld encouraged his supporters to become BC Liberal members to support Laurie Throness. Neufeld said joining the BC Liberals would “demonstrate to the Party there is support” for beliefs like his.

The BC Liberals did not publicly reject Neufeld’s support or membership drive.

Kelli Paddon, MLA-Elect for Chilliwack-Kent:

“These insulting and harmful remarks have no place in our politics. All parties should denounce Barry Neufeld’s extreme and offensive beliefs. I hope the BC Liberals will be clear with British Columbians about whether they accepted his membership application. They should show that Barry Neufeld and his beliefs have no place in their party.”