BC Liberals stop disclosing donations as they cash in on big money

With a BC NDP ban on corporate and union donations on the horizon, the BC Liberals have been cashing in on as much corporate money as they can get their hands on.

Between May 10 and June 2, the BC Liberals raked in $2.5 million, with half of that coming from just 50 donors – nearly all from real estate, developers and banks.

But as they rake in more big money than ever, the BC Liberals admitted today that they have ended their much-hyped “real-time disclosure” of donations.

For every day the BC Liberals delay their inevitable defeat in the legislature and the big money ban that will follow, they cash an average of $104,000 in donations.

It’s no wonder Christy Clark doesn’t want British Columbians watching while she scrambles to collect cash from her rich friends. And after voting down a BC NDP ban on big money six times, British Columbians can’t trust Christy Clark when she promises to fix it now.

As the BC Liberals cling to power so they can keep cashing in, British Columbians are hurting. Parents are waiting to hear if there will be enough teachers at their kids’ schools, people in Surrey and Maple Ridge are still paying unfair tolls, and communities across BC are waiting for real leadership on softwood.

BC New Democrats on the record:

Instead of giving British Columbians the new leadership they voted for, the BC Liberals are still cashing in on big money from their rich friends while regular people pay the price. British Columbians are ready for new leadership that works for all people instead of just those at the top. We’re ready to deliver it.” – Selina Robinson, BC NDP MLA for Coquitlam-Maillardville