Fact Check: Green Party candidate wrong about BC NDP healthcare plan

John Horgan’s platform includes $2.3 billion in new healthcare investments over three years. This is more than twice as much as either the BC Liberals or Green Party.

This afternoon, Green Party Candidate Jenn Neilson claimed: “we couldn’t find the $2.3 billion promised by the NDP anywhere in their party platform.”

The costing of the BC NDP’s new healthcare investments is laid out on page 54 of the platform. It shows $325 million in the first year, $820 million in the second, and $1.15 billion in the third - for a total of $2.295 billion over three years:

The Green Party’s healthcare spending is laid out on page 36 of their platform. The platform shows $375 million a year for the next three years, for a total of $1.125 billion.

The BC College of Family Physicians have assessed the BC NDP’s platform as the best of all parties on pandemic response.

The doctors rate the BC NDP highest at 7/10, highlighting John Horgan’s $1.6 billion pandemic preparedness plan, including a commitment to hire 7,000 new front-line long-term care workers. The BC Liberals were rated at 6/10 and the Green Party received 2/10.