Falcon’s record of mental health service cuts shows he’s not working for people

Kevin Falcon’s record of service cuts and harmful comments regarding mental health show he’s not working for people, say Vancouver-Quilchena BC NDP candidate Jeanette Ashe and MLA Sheila Malcolmson.

“Our province is facing significant challenges with mental health and addictions, and Kevin Falcon’s record shows he would make this crisis so much worse,” said Ashe. “For over a decade, he gave tax breaks to the top 1% while cutting hundreds of millions of dollars to mental health and addictions services while he was Minister of Health and Minister of Red Tape Reduction.”

Additionally, in 2008, Falcon was stuck in traffic after Vancouver Police closed the Ironworkers’ Memorial Bridge to help an elderly woman who was contemplating suicide. Instead of supporting the successful effort to save a life, Falcon attacked the police for inconveniencing him: “I am utterly perplexed at how it took six hours to deal with an elderly female.”

When asked if a suicide barrier should be installed, Falcon lamented that it would “cost millions of dollars” and said “if people are trying to kill themselves, it is tough to stop them.”

“It’s disgraceful for Kevin Falcon to dismiss the life of someone considering suicide because the situation inconvenienced him,” said Malcolmson. “And one year later as Health Minister, he personally cut mental health and addictions services, contributing to the crisis we see today. His record shows that he’ll put the wealthy and well-connected first and make everyone else pay for his choices.”

Falcon’s record includes:

The BC NDP government created Canada’s first first Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions and is adding services on a weekly basis.