Gavin Dew helped BC Liberals make life harder for young people

BC Liberal Leadership candidate Gavin Dew has spent more than a decade helping elect a BC Liberal party that has made life harder for young people.

For years, Dew has backed the BC Liberals while they:

His extensive work in the BC Liberal backroom included campaigning for Gordon Campbell, backing the leadership campaigns of Kevin Falcon in 2011 and Michael Lee in 2018, and running in a by-election for Christy Clark in 2016.

Under the BC Liberals, money laundering caused the housing prices to increase by 5%. At the same time, Dew worked for Great Canadian Gaming Corporation from 2016-19, a company whose operations have been a focus of the Cullen Commission on Money Laundering.

In 2016, Dew was criticized for exaggerating his biography by claiming to “study crisis management at Harvard” even though he took a six day course with no academic requirements.

Andrew Mercier, MLA for Langley:

“If you liked life under 16 years of the BC Liberals, you’ll love Gavin Dew. For years he has worked alongside Andrew Wilkinson and Christy Clark as they drove up housing and childcare costs while giving huge tax breaks to the wealthiest British Columbians. Gavin Dew would make life harder and less affordable for young families.”

Dew campaigns with Andrew Wilkinson, Jan 25, 2016

Dew campaigns with Andrew Wilkinson, Jan 25, 2016. Source: Farrah Merali

Dew campaigns with Christy Clark, Jan 18, 2016.

Dew campaigns with Christy Clark, Jan 18, 2016. Source: Gavin Dew