Joint statement against transphobia promoted by the BC Conservative Party

We are taking the unusual step of issuing a joint statement to condemn the transphobic policy and comments from Vancouver-Mount Pleasant Conservative candidate Karin Litzcke, which were repeated and supported by Conservative Leader John Rustad.

We have recently seen how this discriminatory rhetoric has real impacts on our children and our community. There is no justification for yelling at someone and making them feel like they don’t belong, no matter their gender. At the root of this awful behaviour is hurtful and divisive rhetoric like that expressed by Karen Litzcke during this by-election.

We stand united in our commitment to respecting people’s affirmed gender identity, name, and pronouns. Everyone in our province, including trans children, has the right to use the bathroom that they feel comfortable using and to compete in sports with those who have the same gender identity. Any attempt to divide our communities and families on this issue is nothing short of reprehensible.

Our parties may have disagreements in areas of policy, but we are united in our unqualified support for human rights. We agree that Karin Litzcke and John Rustad’s harmful transphobic ideas have no place in BC politics.

— Wendy Hayko, BC Green Party
— Joan Phillip, BC NDP

NOTE:BCU candidate Jackie Lee was invited to participate in this joint statement but declined.