Kevin Falcon lies about giving tax cuts to the top one percent

In today’s Vancouver-Quilchena debate on CKNW, BC Liberal Leader Kevin Falcon lied about his record of giving tax breaks to the top income bracket.

He said: “I think accurate facts are important when we have a discussion like this. The fact is, we did not give tax breaks to the top 1%.”

In fact, his government’s own 2001 news release shows a 25.9% income tax cut for the top bracket. This was announced on the BC Liberals’ first day in office, after they spent the election campaign denying they would do it.

When asked today about his future tax plans, Falcon said: “I’m not going to be specific about something like that right now.”

Also, Falcon again attacked the Speculation and Vacancy Tax as he believes it is unfair to speculators who leave houses vacant in the areas hardest hit by the housing crisis.