Kevin Falcon must denounce anti-vaccine views from BC Liberal caucus, says Lore

BC Liberal Leadership candidate Kevin Falcon must support a science-based approach to the pandemic and denounce anti-vaccine views from BC Liberal caucus members.

Yesterday, BC Liberal MLA Renee Merrifield wrote to supporters condemning vaccine passports and defending the fringe anti-vaccine trucker convoy traveling to Ottawa. “When vaccine passports were extended until June 1, I wondered why,” she wrote.

She doubled down on CBC Radio this morning, calling for a “stop to some of the vitriol and the language and the division and discrimination” of vaccine cards.

Merrifield is not alone in opposing vaccine mandates and passports among BC Liberal Leadership hopefuls. Speaking to Mo Amir in November, MLA Ellis Ross said, “can you really say that vaccine mandates worked?”

BC NDP MLA Grace Lore:

“If Kevin Falcon wins the leadership next week, he has an important choice to make. Will he show leadership and support the science-based approach to keeping people safe? Or will his first act be to allow his party to criticize the vaccination rules that are in place to protect British Columbians?”