Kevin Falcon would cancel ICBC changes that saved drivers nearly $500

BC Liberal Leadership candidate Kevin Falcon opposes changes to ICBC that have reduced insurance rates and put $500 into drivers’ pockets every year.

A progress report just released by ICBC shows that switching to the enhanced care model has saved drivers an average of $490 annually, $90 more than was originally projected. Despite that success and a dramatic financial turnaround that has turned a deficit into a $1.5 billion surplus, Falcon still opposes the switch to enhanced care.

During a leadership debate on November 24, Falcon came out against the enhanced care model and referred to the rebates sent to drivers as “stupid little cheques.

When Falcon was Finance Minister, he helped light the ICBC dumpster fire by raiding half a billion dollars from the crown corporation while hiking the cost of basic insurance by 11%.

BC NDP MLA Aman Singh:

“Kevin Falcon might think $500 is a stupid little cheque, but that’s a lot of money for most British Columbians. His plan to cancel these savings shows he’s out of touch and not working for people.”