Past MLA, advocate, and community leader Jodie Wickens nominated in Coquitlam-Burke Mountain with a plan to put people and families first

Following a nomination meeting, Jodie Wickens will once again represent the BC NDP in Coquitlam-Burke Mountain, pledging to put people’s needs ahead of powerful interests.

Elected to the BC legislature in 2016 as the youngest woman MLA, Jodie Wickens has a long history of public service. An advocate for public education and social justice, she presently holds an executive leadership position as Director of Programs and Services for Child and Youth Programs at a large non-profit. She understands that people need strong public services to live good lives.
“People in Coquitlam-Burke Mountain need strong public services. And they need a government that is on their side, that will work to make life more affordable,” said Wickens. “Our BC NDP government has been taking action for families, from hiring more family doctors, to reducing childcare costs, to building affordable housing. It’s a record to be proud of, and I’m proud to be part of this team again.”

Since forming government in July 2017, the BC NDP has taken action on crucial issues that matter to the people of Coquitlam-Burke Mountain, including:

  • Putting people ahead of speculators and investors by bringing in tough new restrictions on short-term rentals and a speculation tax, plus simplified approvals that make it easier and faster to get 300,000 new homes built;
  • Helping people get care when they need it by building and upgrading hospitals in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey and Richmond;
  • Helping people with costs by eliminating MSP Premiums, reducing ICBC rates by $500 a year, boosting the BC Family Benefit by $445, cutting childcare fees in half, and making birth control free; and
  • Keeping communities safe by hiring 250 more police officers, giving police more power to address public drug use, cracking down on repeat violent offenders, and taking on organized crime - including seizing Hells Angels clubhouses and many other proceeds of crime.

“Jodie and I served together in opposition, and as an MLA she was a remarkable advocate for women, for young children and for public education. I’m so glad she is running with us again,” said Premier David Eby. “With her on the team, we’ll keep taking action for families — reducing childcare costs, hiring family doctors, and building the affordable homes we need.”

Jodie Wickens will join David Eby and 91 other exceptional BC NDP candidates in this fall’s provincial election, all committed to real action to help people build a good life here in BC.