Statement from BC NDP President Aaron Sumexheltza on Premier John Horgan's plan to step down before next election

Today Premier Horgan informed British Columbians that he will not be leading the BC NDP into the next election in 2024.

He has asked the Party to initiate a leadership race, but until a new leader is chosen, John will stay on and continue his work making life better for people.

Since he was first elected as an MLA in 2005, John has embodied our BC NDP values of putting people first and working every day to address the real challenges they face. As Leader of the BC NDP, he has assembled an incredibly skilled and diverse team of MLAs who fight to make life better for everyone. And as Premier, he has shown what is possible to accomplish with a government that’s focused on people.

In the coming days, our Provincial Council will meet to ratify the rules and timing for a leadership election, as outlined by our BC NDP Constitution. We will provide an update on that process as soon as possible.

On a personal note, it has been an honour and a privilege to be elected as the first Indigenous president of a political party under John’s leadership.