Unanswered questions about BC Liberal voter fraud allegations

Yesterday, British Columbians learned that a campaign organizer for Surrey-Fleetwood BC Liberal Candidate Garry Thind was soliciting personal information of voters to request mail in ballots “over the internet” to “gather [a] good number of voters.” (Global News)

Requesting a ballot or voting on someone’s behalf violates the Corrupt Voting provision of the Elections Act.

But the BC Liberals’ dismissal and quick denial doesn’t add up. Here’s what we still don’t know:

  1. There are two administrators in the group: the organizer who made the request, and Garry Thind. What exactly did Garry Thind tell the BC Liberals about his involvement in and knowledge of this activity?
  1. Did Garry Thind immediately correct Mr. Jhand and instruct his volunteers not to engage in this activity
  1. Did any of the other 95 people in the group instruct volunteers not to engage in this activity?
  1. Will the BC Liberals release the full chain of Whatsapp messages?
  1. Will the BC Liberals immediately provide the names and contact information for all members of the group to Elections BC?
  1. What is Mr. Jhand’s role in the campaign? Was he fired?
  1. Have the BC Liberals spoken directly with everyone in the group?
  1. If not, how can they claim that no volunteers have engaged in this activity?

BC NDP complaint to Elections BC

Screenshots of the Whatsapp messages: