What the BC Liberals have already said about today’s NDP Throne Speech commitments

Today’s Speech from the Throne outlines the immediate actions Premier John Horgan and the New Democrat government are taking to make life better for British Columbians.

Just two months ago, B.C. Liberal MLAs threw their support behind these New Democrat commitments in their own throne speech – the so-called “Clone Speech.”

Will each B.C. Liberal MLA stand by their own words?

Here are just some of the things the B.C. Liberal MLAs have already said about the commitments in today’s throne speech:

On improving services for British Columbians

"We have heard loud and clear people want to see some more changes in the social programs…more for British Columbians who need a helping hand."

Michelle Stilwell, Prince George Citizen, June 22, 2017

On proper funding to schools

“Governments must invest heavily in education if they wish to create a future that is prosperous for everyone…and the thousands of new teachers hired across the province will ensure [students’] continued success.”

Greg Kyllo, Hansard, June 27, 2017

On mental health

“I want to make sure that harm reduction services and systems of care and recovery are readily available to people.”

Mary Polak, Hansard, June 29, 2017

“We will embrace innovative treatments to help save lives, while ensuring that access to harm reduction services and recovery systems of care are readily available.”

Marvin Hunt, Hansard, June 27, 2017

“The emphasis on a single point of entry and accountability will be of universal benefit for those who are in need.”

Joan Isaacs, Hansard, June 27, 2017

On increasing income assistance rates

“I want to see the $100-increase to social assistance rates.”

Mary Polak, Hansard, June 29, 2017

“I’ve publicly said before that I support more money for welfare [sic]…because it’s not about ideology; it’s about affordability.”

Laurie Throness, Hansard, June 29, 2017

On the tuition waiver for former children in care

“This is a glorious initiative, one that speaks to me and, frankly, warms my heart.”

Linda Reid, Hansard, June 27, 2017

On poverty reduction

“I fully support the introduction of a new poverty reduction strategy with a focus on children.”

Tom Shypitka, Hansard, June 28, 2017

On removing bridge tolls

“We’ve heard the concerns of the people who rely on toll bridges and roads, and we believe all communities should be treated equally…This is going to be a wonderful announcement that will, hopefully, thin out the traffic and make traffic more accessible on all the different crossings.”

Ian Paton, Hansard, June 28, 2017

On closing the fixed term lease loophole

“We're committed to it if we can get it figured out.”

Rich Coleman, SHAW, March 16, 2017

“To better protect renters, the government will also prohibit landlords from skirting rent control protections when term leases expire.”

Jane Thornthwaite, Hansard, June 26, 2017

On affordable housing

“Our number one goal is to ensure housing is affordable for British Columbians.”

Teresa Wat, Hansard, June 29, 2017

“When it comes to housing affordability, British Columbians want even more government action at every level.”

Michael Lee, Hansard, June 29, 2017

On new transit projects

“We look forward to now moving expeditiously to support more transit.”

Sam Sullivan, Hansard, June 26, 2017

“If we really want to make a difference and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we must invest in transit and transportation.”

Jordan Sturdy, Hansard, June 27, 2017

On supporting agriculture

“Food security also matters in British Columbia. It is an issue that is important in every community across the province. As we continue to grow, we need to protect and preserve agricultural land.”

Donna Barnett, Hansard, June 29, 2017

On a new way of doing politics

“We heard loud and clear in the last election campaign BCers…expect us to work together and collaborate and reach out, from a policy perspective.”

Todd Stone, CHNL, June 29, 2017

“During the most recent election, voters sent us a clear and concise message that they want us, all of us as politicians, to work together, to collaborate, to cooperate on issues that are important to British Columbians.”

Dan Davies, Hansard, June 28, 2017

“I heard loud and clear from the people in my riding…what they expect from me and from those in Victoria. They want more cooperation and less bickering. They want less politics and more performance. And they reminded me that B.C. should come first, not political parties.”

Michael Lee, Hansard, June 29, 2017

On getting big money out of politics

“During the election, I put forward the opinion that the issue of campaign funding reform should be resolved prior to the next election.”

Norm Letnick, Hansard, June 27, 2017

On electoral reform

“We are committed to enabling a third referendum with a clear question.”

Todd Stone, Hansard, June 27, 2017

“We have committed to a third referendum on electoral reform.”

John Yap, Hansard, June 28, 2017