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David Eby and the BC NDP are taking action for people. Will you chip in to support your local BC NDP team in 2024?

British Columbians are facing big challenges. David Eby has our back.

Our leader David Eby has a track record of taking on big problems and getting results, like reducing ICBC rates and cracking down on money laundering.

He and his team are hitting the ground running on issues that matter to you and your family - tackling the housing crisis, making communities safe, strengthening healthcare, fighting the climate crisis and advancing reconciliation.

We’ve faced a lot in the last six years. Together, let’s take on the big problems and help everyone build a better future.

David Eby is looking out for you and your family.

We've faced a lot in the last six years, and we’ve come a long way towards a more caring, clean and prosperous province.

There’s much more to do, and Premier David Eby and his BC NDP team are taking action for you.

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by people like you.

Building a province that works for all of us doesn't stop on Election Day. If you're interested in joining our movement and volunteering with people all across our province who believe in a better BC, we'd love to hear from you.

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