Richmond-Steveston BC NDP candidate says it's time to invest in people and build a better BC

February 19, 2017 | News Releases

RICHMOND—Kelly Greene, a champion for public education, was acclaimed as the BC NDP candidate for Richmond-Steveston on February 19.

Born and raised in Richmond, Greene cares deeply about childcare, affordable homes and public education. She's seen firsthand how Christy Clark's decisions are hurting people in Richmond.

“Christy Clark isn’t working for you,” Greene said. “Our costs are going up while the BC Liberals' have gutted our kids' schools. Housing is becoming more and more unaffordable. Every day people are paying more and getting less.”

MacAhonic to run for BC NDP, says it's time to build a better BC

February 18, 2017 | News Releases

CHILLIWACK—Patti MacAhonic was acclaimed as the BC NDP candidate for Chilliwack-Kent at a packed meeting on February 18. MacAhonic has seen firsthand how Christy Clark’s decisions are hurting BC families and she knows it’s time for change.

“Christy Clark gives millionaires tax breaks but takes more money from you," said MacAhonic. "Increasing costs of MSP, ICBC and Hydro are making it harder for families to get by."

Chak Au to seek BC NDP nomination in Richmond South Centre

February 17, 2017 | News Releases

RICHMOND—"Richmond has been shortchanged by Christy Clark," said Au, at an event announcing his intention to seek the nomination. "I have heard from so many Richmond residents that their lives are becoming more and more difficult. I am excited about the opportunity to run in the next provincial election to defeat Christy Clark and form a government that works for everyone."

NDP introduce suite of legislation to dramatically improve democracy in B.C.

February 16, 2017 | News Releases

VICTORIA— Following Leader John Horgan’s introduction for the sixth time of legislation that would ban big money from B.C. politics, New Democrat spokesperson for democratic reform Gary Holman and his colleagues brought forward several more bills that would strengthen democracy in B.C.

This legislation is in addition to John Horgan’s commitment to let British Columbians decide if they want to move to a system of proportional representation in provincial elections.

John Horgan introduces bill to ban big money in B.C. politics

February 16, 2017 | News Releases

VICTORIA – For the sixth time, New Democrat Leader John Horgan is bringing forward legislation that would ban big money from B.C. politics and put government back in the hands of ordinary people.

“This is about making government work for people again, instead of the corporations and rich few who can afford to buy power,” said John Horgan. “Government should be owned by the people of B.C. — not bought and paid for by corporations and rich donors.”

BC NDP Leader John Horgan commits to fixing port trucking issues

February 16, 2017 | News Releases

VANCOUVER—BC NDP Leader John Horgan will commit to long term solutions that will bring relief to truckers and stability to port operations, following growing problems with the implementation of the 2014 agreement that ended the port truckers strike in Metro Vancouver. This follows months of neglect by the Christy Clark government after they were alerted to serious and ongoing problems with their failed implementation of the agreement.