Falcon hiding from debate shows he’s scared to defend his record, says Ashe

BC Liberal Leader Kevin Falcon’s refusal to appear on Spice Radio (AM 1200) to debate shows he’s hiding from his record of making life harder for people, says Vancouver-Quilchena BC NDP candidate Jeanette Ashe.

“I was disappointed that Mr. Falcon refused to participate in the radio debate yesterday,” said Ashe. “He says he wants to be Premier, but he’s not even willing to defend his record as he tries to become an MLA.”

The debate was set to take place yesterday afternoon, on Spice Radio. Ashe accepted the invitation and appeared for an interview in place of what would have been a one-on-one debate between her and Falcon.

“During this by-election, Kevin Falcon has consistently refused to take responsibility for his record of working for the wealthiest and making everyone else pay the price,” said Ashe. “If he wants to become Premier, he should start by defending his past actions to the voters of Vancouver-Quilchena.”

There has only been one 20 minute debate in this by-election, during which Falcon attempted to deny giving tax breaks to the top 1% of income earners. Falcon has also refused calls by Ashe and BC NDP MLAs to take responsibility for his part in cutting services and hiking costs on people.